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The Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division wire and stranded products represent the latest in design and production technology for products used in advance surgical procedures. We provide the best value in medical wire and cable products through high quality and prompt delivery with competitive pricing. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages below or contact us.



Innovation Drives Us: A look into Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division

Loos and Company was built on innovation – it’s in our nature. With the creation of the Medical Technologies Division, our mission is to manufacture the highest quality strand, cable, and wire specifically for the medical industry. We are focused on quality and performance above all and we continue to innovate and improve our products and processes.

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We announced our ability to draw wire as fine as .001”, and as you can imagine, drawing wire this fine came with its own unique set of challenges. But with each challenge, our team rose to the occasion. We are now able to package this fine wire on anything from a 30mm Steeger Bobbin to a DIN100 spool (dependent upon the diameter and quantity of course).But the innovation didn’t stop there.

Then we announced that we obtained our ISO13485 certification. This meant going through a rigorous process of evaluating our internal tools and processes to determine whether they were compliant with ISO 13485 standards. Establishing a strong quality system was vital to our growing business and we are happy to say we emerged a better organization because of it. But the innovation didn’t stop there.

Since then, we have purchased additional cleaning equipment. Through the purchase of in-line cleaners, we  deliver the cleanest medical wire and cable products available in the market. We have also started multiple R&D projects to look at the possibility of expanding our product line as well as our available alloys. With these newest additions to our medical facility, we will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.

All of these innovations allow us to provide superior products to our customers. learn more about our wide product range or download our medical technologies catalog to learn more today. Contact us today and we will get back to you ASAP.