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The Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division wire and stranded products represent the latest in design and production technology for products used in advance surgical procedures. We provide the best value in medical wire and cable products through high quality and prompt delivery with competitive pricing. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages below or contact us.

Our Orthodontic Wire Makes Your Smile

Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division specializes in the production of stranded products for a wide range of medical applications, such as orthodontics. Our round, stranded, and ligature wire are all available in 304V stainless steel. Round wire ranges in size from 0.005” to 0.055”, stranded wire ranges from 0.015” to 0.0215”, and ligature wire ranges from 0.008” to 0.014”. Our wire is drawn and stranded in tightly controlled processes to produce the most consistent, reliable, and high quality orthodontic wire available today. From arch wire to ligature wire, we have the products that make your smile.

orthodontic mouthWhether you need the specialty performance of twisted strand, or the simplicity of solid wire, we can engineer a solution that meets your size, tensile, and tolerance requirements. Our arch wire is always produced in-house at our specialty wire drawing facility to ensure tight quality control and consistency, and our longtime wire drawing and annealing experience makes us experts in ligature wire, too. What you spec is what you get, which means we are committed to producing wire that meets your specifications, time and time again.

We also offer a wide range of packaging options to help you get the product you need delivered the way you want it. We will always work with your packaging instructions to meet your specific requirements, whether they call for canisters or bulk plastic spools. As standard practice, we also include lot, part, and order numbers on all our packaging to ensure accuracy and consistency. Additionally, we provide complete chemical analysis, heat, and performance characteristics with every shipment as documented on our product certifications.

To begin your orthodontic wire order, send us an inquiry through the contact form on our website. For more information, visit https://www.looscomedtech.com/applications/orthodontics/ or download a copy of our orthodontics brochure through the resource library on our website.