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The Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division wire and stranded products represent the latest in design and production technology for products used in advance surgical procedures. We provide the best value in medical wire and cable products through high quality and prompt delivery with competitive pricing. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages below or contact us.

Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division Blog

An Overview of Loos and Company’s Medical Cable

If you are tired of medical cable that fails to perform under stressful conditions, considering switching to Loos and Company! Loos and Company’s Medical Technologies Division utilizes the latest design and production technology to manufacture the best value medical cable on the market. Our medical cable is available in numerous sizes and constructions, used in various applications, and ships

Four Products that Use Medical Wire

Wire products are crucial to the medical industry, yet many are unaware of just how versatile it actually is. Medical wire is found in everything from small tools to finished assemblies. Some of its most common uses are surgical instruments, surgical closures, vascular machines, and orthodontics. Read more to learn about how wire products are effectively used in each of these four applications.

Fast Medical Delivery Program

Loos & Co., Inc. Medical Technologies Division launched the  "Fast Medical Delivery Program" to offer our products to the marketplace from stock, and shipping within 2 days of order (stock permitting). We saw this as a great opportunity to offer medical wire and cable products, especially medical braiding wire, to those customers that use speed to market as a differentiator with their customers.

Medical Wire - Spools are a pretty big (and small) Deal!

Stainless steel medical wire is a marvel of modern manufacturing -- diameters smaller than a human hair (1/4 of the size in some instances!) used in catheters and guide wires that save lives every day. It takes a skilled operator and the latest in technological innovation to make this material to the exacting standards of today's peripheral vascular intervention device manufacturers. And all of

A Breakdown of our Medical Strand & Cable

Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division manufactures high-quality medical strand and cable using state-of-the-art production technology. While regular strand and cable is often manufactured to basic commercial standards, medical strand and cable is engineered to exceed the specifications of most applications and provides the precision and performance required in today's highly specialized

Have Medical Wire Questions? Visit Our Technical Information Page

Looking for technical information about spring temper and hyten? Trying to decide which alloy to use for your next cable assembly? Not sure which cable construction is the best option for your application? We have everything you need to know about our medical wire and cable products on the Technical Information page of our Resource Library. From wire and cable properties to wire alloy

Four Medical Wire Products For Vascular Operations

Specialized medical instruments used in vascular therapy rely on wire and strand to perform accurately and consistently during every procedure. Luckily, Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division manufactures superior medical wire and stranded products that withstand the rigors of surgical operations without failing under pressure. From braiding wire and core wire, to guidewires and cable, we

Replacing Silver Clad Extrusion Core Wire: ELASTICORE®

Looking for an alternative to expensive silver clad extrusion wire? Check out ELASTICORE® medical extrusion core wire from Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division. ELASTICORE® is a high quality, cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for silver clad material, yet carries nearly identical physical properties. As an added benefit, it reduces down-time for machine maintenance and

A Guide to 316LVM Stainless Steel

The materials used in medical equipment heavily dictates a product’s quality and overall performance. While wire selection is important for determining characteristics of strength and flexibility, alloy choice is just as critical. Because alloys impart their own physical and chemical properties, a product made with 302 stainless steel will perform differently than a product made with 316LVM. To

We're open through the holidays for your wire and cable needs

As we head into the final weeks of what has been a tumultuous year, the Loos & Company Medical Technologies Division would like you to know that we will be open and working through the end of 2020. With the exception of Christmas day and New Year's day, our staff of dedicated medical wire and cable experts will be available to take your calls and fill your orders for last minutes projects, 2021