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The Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division wire and stranded products represent the latest in design and production technology for products used in advance surgical procedures. We provide the best value in medical wire and cable products through high quality and prompt delivery with competitive pricing. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products and capabilities, visit our product specific pages below or contact us.



Why you should buy Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division Wire

Loos and Company is no stranger to stainless steel wire. In fact, we have been selling it for over 50 years! We manufacture wire for some of the world’s most critical applications and we understand what it takes to meet the requirements of medical grade performance.

Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division specializes in stainless steel and nickel alloy round wire. We maintain a robust stocking program of medical grade wire in order to ensure short lead times. Some of our standard alloys include:

• 302
• 304V
• 316LVM
• 321
• MP35N

*Additional alloys are available upon request. Please see our alloys page for more information

Our wire drawing process begins with only the highest quality medical grade rod, which is then drawn to size on our dedicated medical equipment. We have experience drawing wire in sizes ranging from .001” through .120”. Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division is able to meet any tensile, temper, or surface finish requirements you may have.

As a manufacturer, we are able to accommodate specific requests because we maintain a large inventory of raw material. If you have a specialized request, we will meet your requirements. Contact us today!